Slow, Wet, and Tender

That’s not my boat, it’s my girlfriend. The boat is my mistress. She’s all new to me. New boat, new systems, and a new adventure. I’ve come from the simplest boat on earth to one that is slightly more complex, a wee bit longer, fatter, and deeper. I’ve always known a Bristol Channel Cutter would be in my custodianship. I just never imagined it would take 35 years for her to come home.

What’s in a name? There was a time when I was the most superstitious person on earth. I think it’s waning. At this point I have no intentions of strapping a virgin to the bow but still, I digress.

Two OO’s in a boat name signifies safety at sea. Her new name Ooku, while made up by me many years ago, fits her perfectly. In Japanese OO means big. In Vietnamese Ku is a term of endearment given to little boys by their mother. It actually translates to penis. So while I never intended it, Ooku translates to big dick. In my defense, you could relate the name to her 7’ bowsprit but the name simply came to me one night in my dreams.

I didn’t figure any of this out on my own. My girlfriend who was conceived in Vietnam during the fall of Saigon explained it all to me. She was raised in Oklahoma but lived in Japan for many years before moving to Germany and eventually landing on my front doorstep.

Now that we all know her significant call sign, we can simply refer to her as Ooku. Lei Lei will more than likely end up being her dink’s name.

I’ve got a lot to learn about this new boat and her moods, so pour yourself a cup of coffee. Sit back and enjoy the journey with us. Cheers and welcome to our new home.

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