One way ticket

Our first conversation of the day: how to move without a car. I arrived in this wonderful town aboard my fully loaded Brompton. For the past 20 years I’ve been moving by boat, so this is a first in a long time. The plan was perfect. Sell everything, move to east coast, buy sailboat, sail south. Perfect on paper I guess, because here I am. Well, here today, gone tomorrow.

Pink Brompton bike at the ferry landing. Taken while waiting for the ferry at dusk.

Concentric rings… we both despise working but do begrudgingly engage a little here and there. I say a little because we are both old bags with limited time left on this planet. We simply don’t have the luxury of time to commit to self-indentured slavery to make another human rich while we slowly die inside. Great minds think alike. So that’s what’s behind the move. Not particularly making money but saving money. We have a beautiful tiny house in a secret cove on a secret island waiting for us. We also have a slip for Ooku just a stone’s throw away. We are falling off the grid and aren’t telling a soul where we are going – for now at least.

It can be a little frightening that between the two of us there is no voice of reason. So we have a second cup of coffee before sunrise while we plot out our next moves. It isn’t easy being degenerate dropouts, but it is fun. A FaceTime call with my father had me being lectured to cut my hair and buy a pair of shoes. This is a loving argument we’ve been having since I was a young child. I was born free but have had to fight hard my entire life to keep it. I have so much more to share about all of this but I’m too busy building a fort out of moving boxes. In case I don’t get around to writing again before the end of the year, cheers and Happy New Year. May all of your most childish dreams come true.

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