Island Time

One day here and it’s as if I never left. There is a new boat, a new house, and even a new little laptop to share the journey. I’ve been sitting on top of 18 months of video archives that never made it to YouTube. I have a feeling they never will. None of it matters, anyways. New stories happen every day, as old ones are soon forgotten. I haven’t made my way down to Ooku yet but I can see her right out the window. It’s quiet here…

Falmouth Cutter 22" docked on a stormy evening

I won’t be living aboard anytime soon. 12 years of winters afloat in the PNW is enough. Having said that, I fully expect to be aboard almost every day as the weather settles into spring. Boat stuff is starting to accumulate and more orders should be arriving daily. I’m putting together a large order for the Port Townsend Foundry. She doesn’t need anything but it’s all good bilge jewelry for that some day when she does. It’s only a matter of time until we can’t get the amazing bronze parts we have always counted on. One thing is for sure, everything on this boat is different and more difficult to access and maintain, as it should be.

Brompton folding bike in berry crush pink color in front of stairs

Our main is new but the cover, not so much. We’ve got a pile of extra canvas and a new sewing machine so that may be a good starting point. The main sail takes up half the forepeak. I’m afraid to open the engine room and face my new diesel but life changes and this new complexity is certainly in order. Damn, I miss my trusty little outboard. So much good happened so fast that I kinda got freaked out and went into hiding. I hadn’t planned on moving to the islands. The boat was going to be the escape from the big city (for now at least). Then a nuclear explosion of awesomeness happened and here we are. Ooku needs a vane and that’s pretty much it. She is freaking amazing.

Now that we have finally arrived, I hope to slowly share every inch of this little boat, some here and some on YouTube, but it will all get revealed eventually. In the meantime, I’ll be sharing more about the real reason for this blog and the YT channel: tiny houses, simple living, and Bromptons. But that will all happen according to island time.

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