Brompton Superlite

The concept of boats and bikes has never been lost on me. Naturally powered, yes, but neither has ever been light on the front-end budget (I’ll talk about front-end budgets another time). There is more to a folding bike than just being small. You want to ride it and will have to carry it as well. If you are fortunate enough to have lived aboard a tiny sailboat, the carrying part gets a little more complex. I’ve been carrying my bike up and down ladders of some sort for 14 years now. My tiny Brompton didn’t join my life till 2015. Smaller yes, lighter no. My torn shoulder tells me price be damned, we want a lighter bike.

Carrying my Brompton folding bike up a ladder to my Falmouth Cutter 22" in the boat yard.

I’ve been building my Berry Crush slowly over the last few years. at 22.5 lbs it’s very light. Not 17.5 Titanium Brompton light but better than the standard 26.5. Ok, carrying it is a necessary evil but I bought it to ride. My standard ride is slow and only a few miles. When I was at Cape George working on Sookie it was about 17 miles round trip to the shower. After a long day of grinding fiberglass, a shower is a very necessary treat. Now I’m about 18 miles round trip from town and food with no other form of transport. It’s a very pleasant ride but the days are short and my little boat needs time as well. There are only so many hours in any given day. Of course I have to remind myself that I’m prone to spontaneous journeys of over a thousand miles. Its never as easy as just wanting a new bike.

Pink Brompton folding bike with a minimalist bikepacking setup. Wotancraft pilot Brompton Bag.

My current bike is sort of perfect except I built it with the touring height M bar, not so sporty for long fast rides to town. I just got put on the list for the new CHPT3 coming out next month but it’s heavier than what I have. The T-line light as it is doesn’t really have the gearing for touring or big rides. The problem with trying to live simply is that it’s so easy to make life very complex. I’m down to two bikes, by spring it will be one. All I know at this point is that it will be a Brompton. I have a feeling that 2023 will be a shocker for everybody. Personally, I like options. The option to stay put is always good. So is sailing off into the sunset or simply riding down that long winding road.

6 thoughts on “Brompton Superlite

  1. If your in the Islands it’s the perfect place in my opinion. When I lived there the first few years we were totally broke but lived like kings. Seems a great setup with the new boat. For me Deer Harbor was the place. Best weather, lots of wild food great people. My son and I would net up a gallon can of shrimp, pull up some dungies and a few Salmon pretty much daily. Big garden, just no money. We’re considering a rerun. Nice pic of your boat careened. Good luck on your bike quest.

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    1. Deer Harbor surely must be one of the most beautiful places on earth. I have quite a few friends in that area. The wild living sounds like a dream, I might need to get a shrimp pot. Maybe it’s time you get back to the islands as well 😀


      1. Are you still on the peninsula? Just curious I have a set of bronze thruhull hauser holes with bull horns from a many years past project. Never installed. Could look good on your boat. I might be inspired to pass them along for the years I’ve read your blog. Let me know I could text you a pic.


      2. I appreciate the offer but I can’t image where I’d use them. The boat is factory and has everything. I’ll be posting pics soon I think. I still just adjusting to the move back to the islands.


      3. Fair enough just a thought. Good luck with the move. I ran the dock at Carpenters marina at the bottom of the harbor. Basically collected moorage and ramp fees so Norm had beer money. He’s since died. We got the shrimp off the dock pilings at dusk. The hang on the poles their eyes glow in the dusk. Crab all through the bay. We lived on my 1935 Chriscraft. We’re thinking of a Cruise a Home now (Norm had one) anchored out. No need to go anywhere once your there. Still have family there. Used to get the crab with just circle drop net. 4 beers, 4 traps and a slow row between them trolling for a salmon. Nice there now there’s a laundrymat at the resort and showers.
        Good luck with learning diesel. I went to diesel school at Skagit Valley and the thing I learned is they do best when you run them. Sitting is what kills them. Also Marvel Mystery Oil is your friend. Added to the fuel, in the crank case. Keeps things loose and moving. Especially the injectors

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      4. I think you should write a book. Those days are ending everywhere. I like what you said about the diesel. It’s going to be a fun leaning experience. Now all I can think about is shrimp for dinner. I hope you get that boat and take back your home. I’ll stop by with a few beers and a shrimp net 🙂


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