Holy water

The long dark nights of winter have arrived. Since it’s taken me 4 months to revisit this post, they have also departed. Boxes of marine parts are piling up, its almost time to haul. Every time I go through my checklist I find at least one item missing. My budget is what it is and I’m hoping to spend the last little remnants of spring’s expenditures on a little bling.

Everything on the boat is new, boxes of spares are labeled and ready to be organized. She’s all coming together. I had to leave the waterfront for a bit to earn it but its good to be back. The simple life, my minimalist sailing life… it’s the good life.

The ocean is my safe place. I’ve met all my friends in the boatyard. Honestly, in a lifetime of sailing I cant really remember a single bad experience on the waterfront. I guess my sailor black box is full.

Our time is short here on this wonderful island but we are making the best of it. The boat name game continues as we have marked most off the list. I think we both know but neither has been able to commit enough to say it out loud. She’s CG documented for obvious reasons so we’re running out of time. A huge part of me wanted to go modern and add everything to this little old boat but for now I’m keeping her simple, traditional and easily maintainable.

This life is easy. Take only what you need. Give everything you can. Embrace every lesson. This life will give you many. Sadly, some people never listen long enough to learn. I don’t want a million dollars or the riches of the world. You can keep all those things. I’m happy with a cheese sammich and a glass of clean clear water.

Looking out the window of my hillside tiny house I can see the wind is finally dying. The sun hangs lazily in the west reminding me that this is the time of year for adventures. Whoever said you can’t have your cake and eat it too obviously wasn’t a sailor.

“Why is it that some sailors go quietly about their business, consistently making quick, safe, and satisfying passages, while others lurch erratically from port to port amid a series of catastrophes? Is it luck? No, it’s the Fifth Essential.”

John Vigor

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