19 lbs 15oz, 4 gears, that about sums it up. It’s exactly one mile from my tiny house to the boat if I go the short way. I never go the short way. Our house is small, but each of us has a corner set aside for his or her folding bike. Everything else we share.

Our space is limited but not our imaginations. I wake at exactly 5:30 every morning. First it’s coffee, then it’s the search for real estate. When I kick it, I want to make sure Kim-Chi is taken care of. I’ve been blessed both in and by this world. It’s raining again so no boat work today but its perfect weather for napping and some uke play. I can’t imagine life getting better than this, but it always seems to.

There is no shortage of beauty on this little island. My first trip here was by sailboat. I buried my anchor and this overwhelming feeling of home overtook me. That was back in 2008, moving here has been a long time coming.

I’ve lived on all of the islands, each special in its own way. It was the weather that I first fell in love with in the PNW. I won’t pull my camera if it’s not surly out. No words are needed to tell the story of the northern light. It’s always magical. My camera has always been blessed by its location, not the skills of its handler. Having said that, no one image can fill in the true story.

The first balmy breeze after a long cold winter. The feeling of weathered wood beneath my bare feet. The sounds of nature ravaging us simple humans while the birds soar overheard playing theirs game. The cry of the gull has become my constant companion. When I moved to the city I missed all this white noise. Car alarms, sirens and revving engines… the city is soul less, truly a rat race, it gives meaning to the words quiet desperation. On the flip side, nothing ever happens here. The quiet isolation is everywhere. Its rhythm is wild, simple, free.

Back on our little day sailor, nothing happens fast. We are quick to put the tools down when company arrives. Time well spent is by far the most valuable commodity in this life. The process of bonding with this boat grows deeper with each turn of the screw. It’s a long journey but I’m becoming intimately familiar with every inch of this little boat. Summer’s just around the corner and I’m coming unhinged.

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