Home Sweet Home

Amica has not only found her proper name, she also has a permanent home in the islands. Most of her tools have arrived, so it’s time to dive in. Or maybe just dip a toe for now. I’m dying to bend on her sails and head north to pick up the rest of her swag. My tiny house is filled with sails. The boat is filled with sails. My first-world problems are adding up. Maybe I should have bought a bigger boat. Either way, we are stuck with each other.

That oar belongs to Captain Sterling who kidnapped us for a cold beer in front of a warm fire. I’ve got a new Kerosene heater but the smell of burning wood always has me second-guessing. Whatever. As the days grow longer and warmer, heat is rapidly slipping from my mind. It’s time to haul out.

In case I never did it, let me introduce you to 35 years of dreaming. She is both larger and smaller than she appears. None of this matters because she is home, we both are. It was Kimmi in her ultimate wisdom who kiboshed the bigger boat. She was the only witness to me saying goodbye to Sookie. It wasn’t easy. I second guess my decision often but 11 years is enough. It was time to share that wonderful girl.

Tic toc tic tock, summer is here in its full glory. I should do something productive but I’ve found another trail to explore. Its never been about the boat. It’s about all the places it takes me. An empty vessel to store the memories she brings to me and carry me on to the next page.

“When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw.”
― Nelson Mandela

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