Inside edition

The heat chased us from any meaningful boat work. First, it was too cold. Now it’s too hot and sunny. Too many first-world problems on this boat. Kimmi made up the nook and we dove in for an early afternoon nap.

Laziness has never been wasted on this boater. I don’t think I’ve ever slept deeper. The warm north wind blew through Amica’s cool interior. Every hatch on the boat was opened and drawing well. A nap turned into ukulele time. Uke time turned into snacks and day drinking. There is no place on earth fairer than the San Juans.

I’ve been often questioned as to why I bought a blue water sailboat for day sailing and gunkholing. The only answer I know is that Amika just sort of came my way. I’ll do the best I can with her and when the time is right, I’ll pass her on to her next custodian.

The man can is full of killer whiskey and waiting for visitors. In the meantime, I’m second-guessing heating sources, piling in world-class wines, and helping Kimmi outfit her galley. We stopped by the boatyard and got the ball rolling for our first haulout. Access to the tiny boatyard freaks me out but I’m all in.

Some things never change. We are still scratching our heads for space. This boat is almost full and we’ve only just begun. Maybe a Lyle Hess 34 would make more sense, someday… This boat is growing on me one day at a time. I haven’t shared my personal space in nearly 2 decades, it feels good to not be going it alone. Kimmi has taken over her parts of the boat, and I have mine. Today she learned a proper cleat. I couldn’t find one single proper example in our marina.

Treasures are to be found everywhere. There are so many amazing short stories on this boat. Her previous owner was equally as anal as I am about doing things right. When we unrolled her main the first thing I noticed was no headboard. Second was no batten pockets. I’m dying to sail this old girl but that will come soon enough. All eyes are on the boatyard and the impossible spring tides.

I’m going to have to face my fears on this mud hole but this is my local boatyard.

“Do Not Lie to Yourself

We have to be honest about what we want and take risks rather than lie to ourselves and make excuses to stay in our comfort zone.”
― Roy T. Bennett

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