Carol Hasse Sails

When two resourceful people put their heads together anything can happen. Any day now, it will be warm enough to lay everything. I’m still shopping for paints and colors, but for now I’m skipping the varnish and using Cetol on everything. Some, including myself, may consider this sacrilegious but I want all the wood to be protected. I can make it perfect at a later warmer date. For now, it will be good enough for government work.

The traditional sailing gods will have me put in the stocks for saying this but I almost wish I had a furling headsail. Almost all of my ducks are in a row for a bit of brightwork. I found the head today, pretty scary stuff for a bucket and chuck it guy. Kim-Chi did a victory dance when she saw that sparkling porcelain. This boat is really neat, it’s been years since I’ve been aboard a BCC and I love it even if she is way too big for my needs. In the next couple of weeks, we will sail her back up north to pick up her dinghy, extra sails, heater, and whatever else we have already forgotten about.

She feels really small with tools, sails, and all of our junk strewn around her tiny cabin but everything is slowly finding its rightful home. It’s sail storage that has me dreaming of furling headsails, not ease or performance of sails or sailing. I can’t do it to this beautiful little boat but… having too many sails is definitely a first-world problem. For as long as she is a day sailor I’ll stick with hank but if anyone ever wanted to take her offshore again furling is the only way to fly.

This boat came with 9 sails, three have been passed on, two will likely never get used by us. The remaining 4 are almost too pretty to put into service. Life is slow and good as it should be. My dreams of owning a 34′ Falmouth Cutter will have to wait as I’m slowly but surely falling in love with this little one. Ive always been blessed with seeing a clear path to my dream future while living in my dream present.

Amica didn’t come with a ship’s book so I’m making a new manual one page at a time. Each new piece is like another silver coin in my treasure chest. I wish I would have dug a little deeper when I was at Cape George but I can always go back and see what they have for me.

The sail, the play of its pulse so like our own lives: so thin and yet so full of life, so noiseless when it labors hardest, so noisy and impatient when least effective. — Henry David Thoreau

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